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In a world full of division, human emotion expressed through sound is common ground.

“The Resonance Between” (TRB) is a sonic journey about what it means to belong to more than one culture, and an expression of the struggle in finding a sense of identity.

Internationally-acclaimed artists Alam Khan, Arjun Verma, and Jack Perla blend Indian classical and European Classical music, artfully uniting Indian raga (melody) with western harmony in a groundbreaking collaboration. Featuring the critically-acclaimed Del Sol String Quartet and some of the finest young tabla drummers in the world: Ojas Adhiya, Ishaan Ghosh, and Nilan Chaudhuri.

As multi-ethnic composers, Alam and Arjun express their lifelong search for identity within and across their Indian and Euro-American heritages, in collaboration with cross-cultural composer Jack Perla.
Through richly textured and intricately layered music, TRB takes audiences on a journey illuminating the threads of human emotions which ultimately transcend race and culture, linking us all together between our separate worlds. This journey comprises various musical chapters representing distinct stages in the composers’ own search for cultural and personal identity.

San Francisco-based Del Sol Quartet takes an innovative approach to music making, stepping out of the traditional European string quartet approach to embrace a modern cross-cultural ethos. Weaving among diverse playing styles including Indian classical solos, Beethoven-esque counterpoint, and modern textural pads, their strings blend seamlessly with the Indian instruments, lending a cinematic yet approachably familiar sound to this unique music.

Despite the many aesthetic similarities between them, Indian classical and European classical music are only rarely combined, and often in a manner that amounts to mere juxtaposition rather than integration. TRB represents a groundbreaking new level of collaboration between these genres from east and west, synergistically fusing them into a unique work that is truly more than the sum of its parts. TRB represents one of the first-ever musical works composed for sarode, sitar, violins, viola, cello, and tabla, and stretches all seven instruments to achieve a rich, elegant, and integrated sound.

TRB is also a continuation and an advancement of the rich tradition of Indian classical music in the modern world. Alam Khan is the grandson of Allauddin Khan, the preeminent musical legend who trained both Ali Akbar Khan and Ravi Shankar, the 20th century ambassadors of Indian classical music to the world, who became famous not only for their astonishing classical playing, but also for their trailblazing east-west collaborations. This esteemed lineage sets a precedent both for the traditional rigor and the creative innovation of TRB.

In the end, no matter our ethnic and cultural backgrounds, we are all connected by the range of human emotions we experience, and the resonance of those emotions between us. This is the thread that ties us together and shapes our identity – The Resonance Between.

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